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Transforming the face of healthcare one meal at a time.

Meal Master™ is a cutting-edge food service product designed to:
  • Increase staff efficiency and decrease overall cost for the company
  • Improve the health and well-being of patients in healthcare facilities
  • Provide unique benefits to the offsite caregiver

Why Choose Meal Master™?

As a healthcare administrator, you recognize the importance of managing all resources wisely, especially in today's climate of escalating costs. Every decision must maximize utilization of capital while providing the highest quality of care to your patients.
Meal Master™ is exactly the product you need to achieve both goals.

This cloud-based application automatically reduces your food and labor costs by streamlining the food service process. Patients select meals that are healthy, nutritionally balanced and medically appropriate. Perhaps most important, Meal Master™ offers several unique features for offsite caregivers, meaning those individuals, usually family members, who arrange for care. These special features allow them to enjoy increased participation in the care of their loved one. This involvement naturally translates into greater satisfaction with the service provided at your facility.

Discover how Meal Master™ can benefit your healthcare facility, treatment center or hospital.
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What is Meal Master™?

Meal Master™ is an advanced menu management application. This product supplies recipes that are professionally designed by an executive chef and nutritionally balanced by a registered dietitian. Our menus are provided in several categories, representing normal and specialty diets. Patients make meal selections utilizing a simple tablet computer. No more paper tally sheets; no more errors in manually transferring information to the kitchen. The entire system functions at maximum efficiency.

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